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It's been a friggin while (do I always start my journals with that sentence ?!), and it's because of my studies (yeah yeah that too, we start to know dammit). I just wanted to share some things with you guys, because it's time for a break (after 4 hours of studying bacteria..........#WhatIAmDoingWithMyLife haha but don't worry ! 4 other hours of that are ahead of me //headdesk)

My third year of medicin is going..well....let's say "okay++". The courses don't passionate me at all (and that's really sad. I mean, we FINALLY get to study diseases !! Not only molecular mechanisms and stuff ! I was so hyped, but it just ended pretty meh. All we do is Learning BY FCKIN HEART everything. It's not like we need to think anymore. As long as we're super computer and encyclopedias ourselves, it's fine. That's really boring. I hope I'll change my mind for the second semester. Anyway, I still have my INCREDIBLY LOVABLE friends (plus new ones :'D so SOCIAL LIFE is just A-W-E-S-O-M-E haha at least one super positive thing).
Sometimes I feel like telling the real truth is better than OMG YESH MEDICINE STUDIES ARE AMAZIIIIINGG I LOVE IT EVERYDAY A BIT MORE ! Just no. I admit I'm actually preferring the second year. Well well.
But it also means I'm getting my Bachelor in July :''D I'll feel so increeeedibly clever ! My second BIG diploma :la: and it also means I'm halfway :o that's kinda creepy though...

Second thing I wanted to share is that I'll finally be able to MAKE cosplay, not only wearing one I bought on the internet. It's with a close friend of mine (who already cosplays a lot, sews herself and stuff, and she's gonna be my lovely Sempai to teach me everything :'D). Yeah it's just a project at the moment (yet I already did some stuff on paper, real size, so when I got the right tissues and stuff I can really start). I've been re-drawing the character and every piece of clothe separately to better understand the whole thing. I already know what kind of tissue I want as well ! The fact is that I just need to (have time, yes, and then) finish the "paper-cosplay" (yeah don't laugh, I always have a state where I'm litterally wearing my pièces of paper to see it size and all work !), then go buy and work with the tissues, and SEW WITH SEMPAI :iconepiclaplz::iconepiclaplz:
Then I'll buy red lenses and elf ears, and everything I need. And ask my uncle to make me a sword :D
I actually have 3 people I'd like to cosplay. The one I'm talking about right now (from an anime but I won't tell. You'll be surprised when you'll see the photos on here haha.....if I ever get to do that cosplay, if everything is fine and blahblah xD), one from a video game, and another from a (quite unknown yet) manga. but if anyone asks who they are, I might tell anyway haha
In the next 10 years let's say, I'd love to make a furrsuit as well (those are quite uncommon and look incredible. But it's too expensive and needs skills x.x I'd like to have my "MLP OC" Ancestral Summer :3)

3 cosplays and a furrsuit in ten years, it should be "easy", no ? Saying that next year, I'll have exams in January only (maybe I can save some time.......but saying that I thought I'd have more time in the third year of médicine....I've never been so busy T.T)

I've never lost all the positive emotions I had, at least. Those studies are difficult and eat my almost-whole social life. But I'm always looking to my future, and hope I'll be proud of myself. It's time to go back studying.
I wish you the Merry Christmas I've procrastinated to wish, and a beautiful new year.

I hope I can be there again, more active, more drawing (art block partially still there), and...more with you guys.

See ya

And yeah. Korra skin, 'cause....I just finished watching it. Overall I liked it. Really. But in my opinion, it wasn't as strong and as incredible as Avatar TLA. ^^ Now time to Watch Zankyou no Terror, as a close friend suggested me :3

Oh yeah, and no PM because I don't need it, seeing how barely I come here. I'll save my money for when I can be back, ACTIVELY.

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